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Our Services
Our Services

Children's Centres have a core offer of services: -  

To give us your feedback and ideas please call in and see us or click here to use our Feedback form

Click here to view our Parents Guide to Services

1. Early Years Provision
Integrated early learning and childcare for babies and children until they are five years old.
Childcare suitable for working parents/carers for a minimum of 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, 10 hours a day.

Childcare places will be open to all, with a priority around disadvantaged families, but not just families in the immediate area (admission and fee policies will be determined locally).

Links to local schools (Extended Schools and Healthy Schools) and out-of-school activities (holiday play schemes, before/after- school play and learning).

Support for childminders - a base for a childminder network and a service hub within the community for parents and providers of childcare services.

Early identification of children with special needs and disabilities with inclusive services and support for their families.

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2. Family Support
Visits to all families in the catchment area within two months of the child's birth (through the Child Health Promotion Programme or agreed local arrangements).
Information for parents/carers about the range of family support services and activities available in the area.

Support and advice on parenting including support at significant transition points for the family (e.g. pre birth, early days, settling into childcare).

Access to specialist, targeted services for those families which need them e.g. support for parents/carers of disabled children.

Activities which increase parents/carers' understanding of their child's development.

Specific strategies and activities which increase the involvement of fathers.


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3. Child and Family Health Services
Antenatal advice and support for parents/carers

Child Health Promotion Programme.

Information and guidance on breast feeding, hygiene, nutrition and safety.

Promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing, including identification, support and care for those suffering from maternal depression, ante-natally and post-natally.

Speech and language and other specialist support.

Support for healthy lifestyles.

Help in stopping smoking.

Click here to view details of local Dental Practices


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4. Northumberland Stop Smoking Service
Since 1999 Northumberland Stop Smoking Service has worked to help those smokers who wish to quit, achieve their goal. Over 40,000 smokers have accessed the service during this time.

The Stop Smoking Specialist Team can be contacted on 01670 813135 (answer machine used out of hours)

We have over 120 stop smoking advisors throughout the county most of whom are based in primary care (local health centres).
There are also 10 stop smoking clinics held in a range of venues throughout Blyth Valley and 4 pharmacies that offer stop smoking support. Information about them can be obtained by ringing the number given above.

The service is free and medication to help smokers stop is available on prescription.

There is a range of medication that can be used to help smokers stop (including those who are pregnant or have other health issues) and this is best discussed with a trained stop smoking advisor.

Smokers are up to four times more likely to quit if they seek support from their local stop smoking service.

StoptoberAll Children Centres in Northumberland are backing Stoptober, the 28 day challenge encouraging the North East’s 460,000 smokers to make a quit attempt on October 1st. Watch out for Stoptober activity at your local children centre. Last year over 160,000 people successfully quit smoking for Stoptober, thanks to the wide range of quitting support on offer.  For more information click here or text FREE to 60046. Alternatively, speak to Northumberland Stop Smoking Service on 01670 813 135 or your pharmacist.


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5. Parental Involvement
Consultation and information sharing with parents/carers, including fathers, on what services are needed, and systems to get user feedback on services.

Ongoing arrangements in place to ensure parents/carers have a voice e.g. parents' forums.

Mechanisms that enable parents to self refer to services.


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6. Links with JobCentre Plus and Families Information Service
Centres will link with Jobcentre Plus to encourage and support parents/carers who wish to consider training and employment.

Information to parents/carers about FIS and signposting to other services.


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