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Complaints, Compliments & Suggestions

We are committed to providing a safe, stimulating, consistent and accessible service to children and their parents/ carers. We aim to always provide high quality services for everyone but we do accept that sometimes things do not always go to plan. In such circumstances, we want to know so that we can put them right and learn from our mistakes. We also appreciate positive feedback on our services and value any suggestions on improvements we can make.

Each year we conduct a Parental Satisfaction Survey which enables parents and carers to feedback on all aspects of Children's Centres services, helps us to review current services and informs us in respect of planning new services based on need.


Our aim is to bring all concerns to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved. Under normal circumstances, we ask that you contact the relevant Lead Manager. Please contact your local Children's Centre for details of all contact numbers.

If a complaint is made against a manager, the Children's Centre Locality Manager will conduct the investigation. All complaints made will be recorded in detail in our complaints file. The Children's Centre Locality Manager will be informed of all complaints made.

To acheive this we operate the following procedure:


If a parent/ carer has a complaint about any aspect of service delivery care of children or about the conduct of an individual member of staff, it will often be possible to resolve the problem by simply speaking to the individual concerned and/or the relevant manager. As a Children's Centre we are committed to open and regular dialogue with parents/ carers and we welcome all comments, positive or negative.

If deemed appropriate, we encourage all parents/ carers to speak directly with the relevant member of staff. If not, the Service or Centre Manager should be approached and they will try and resolve the problem. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, STAGE TWO of the procedure with come into operation.


If an informal discussion of a complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved, parents/ carers should put their complaint in writing, in detail, to the Locality Manager. All names, dates, evidence and any other relevant information relating to the situation should be included.

The Locality Manager will acknowledge receipt of the complaint as soon as possible - within three working days at least - and will fully investigate the matter within twenty eight working days. The Locality Manager will be responsible for sending parents/ carers a full and formal response to the complaint.

If the Locality Manager has good reason to believe that the situation has child protection implications, they will inform the Lead Safeguarding Advisor and ensure that the local Children's Services Team is contacted, as set out in the Safeguarding Policy. If any party involved in the complaint has good reason to believe that a criminal offence has been committed, they should contact the Police.

The formal response to the complaint from the Locality Manager will be sent to the parent/ carer concerned. It will include recommendations for dealing with the complaint and for any amendments to policies or procedures emerging from the investigation.

The Locality Manager will arrange a time to meet with the parent/ carer concerned and for any other relevant individuals such as members of staff to discuss the complaint and the response to it. The Locality Manager will decide if it is more appropriate for the parties involved to meet together, individually, or both.


Ofsted can, on request, have access to all written records of complaints made during any specified period and the action taken as a result of each complaint.

Any parent/ carer can, at any time, submit a complaint to Ofsted about any aspect of registered childcare provision. Ofsted will consider and investigate all complaints received.

They can be contacted at: Ofsted, Royal Exchange Buildings, St Ann's Square, Manchester M2 7LA Tel: 0845 640 4040

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