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Parenting Support

Blyth Valley Children's Centres work with partners to provide a range of parenting support programmes which are accessible to all families.

We also have a Parenting Strategy Support Group. The purpose of the Group is to ensure the consistency of programme delivery and positive messages regarding parenting support. This is in line with the whole family ethos ensuring that there is a holistic approach to family work which is underpinned by the provision of parenting support in Blyth Valley.

Parenting Programmes:
(Please note that not all of the programmes listed below run all of the time. Information on what is running now is available from your nearest Children's Centre).

Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme)
This programme offers information, support and practical suggestions to everyday parenting concerns to parents and carers who have children aged 2 - 5 yrs. Triple P helps parents recognise causes of common child behaviour problems and encourages desirable behaviour in their children through giving parents useful ways of managing their children's behaviour.

Mellow Parenting
Mellow Parenting combines personal support for the parents with video and direct work with parents on their parenting. Sessions include therapeutic group work for the parents and activity sessions for parent and child together and tasks to try out at home.

Comfort Zone
The Comfort Zone intervention is based on the attachment theory of emotional development. It is visual and verbal. It uses colour and temperature imagery applied to feelings and relationships. It focuses on parents' attachment to and attunement with their child.

123 Magic
123 Magic is a simple precise and effective way of managing gently and firmly the behaviour of children in approximately the 2-12 year old range. The 123 Magic is what you might call a "parent in charge" strategy but with no arguing, yelling or hitting.

Boys Boys Boys
Learn techniques to manage challenging behaviour in boys 18 months - 5 years. The focus is on mothers, as dads being the same gender as sons may already have an insight into their son's behaviour and development.

Freedom Programme
The course provides an opportunity for women to develop ways of thinking and behaving to protect themselves, their children and others from harm and provide them with the knowledge they need to achieve this.

Children's Centres Universal Parenting Support
• Stay and Play
• Child Safety
• Tots ‘n' Teens
• Confidence Building
• Family Learning
• Baby Clubs
• Toddle Time
• Tea time Tales
• 123 off we go
• Breastfeeding Support
• Work Club
• Weigh and Stay
• Volunteering
• Learning Work Advice Service

For more information on the above activities, please pick up an A-Z Guide to Activities in your Children's Centre, or click on ‘our services' at the left hand side of this page.

Barnardo's Young Peoples Project

45-49 Bowes Street, Blyth, NE24 1EB
Tel: 01670 797 800

Workers link with Children's Centres, Tots and Teens groups and Sexual Health Drop-In sessions run by the NHS Trust.

Parent Factor - for substance misusing parents
An accredited course which helps parents and carers understand the impact of substance use on parenting.

STEPS (Steps to Excellence for Personal Success)
This programme focuses on building parents confidence in themselves and seeing their own potential. The training gives tools and strategies on how to deal with negative situations and behaviours. We also look at removing barriers and coming out of our comfort zone.

Black Minority Ethnic Support
Culture Club is a family drop in group for members of the community from black, minority and ethnic cultures children with children under 5years. It offers peer support, play activities and programmed slots around health and wellbeing, parenting, learning and work.

Disabled Children

ASD Group - A support group for Dads, Mums and Carers who have a child on the autistic spectrum (for children under 8yrs). We offer activities for the whole family as well as a chance for parents to get together and gain support from each other. We also invite professionals to come and talk to parents on certain topics. Siblings are welcome to attend the group with their parents and transport is provided.

Sensory Room - The sensory room can be used to develop children's senses and explore their surroundings. The room has many features that children can interact with, changing their environment through bright light, shapes and music. Training on use of equipment is easy and support is available.

Sensory Session - A group offering children who require specific support a friendly and fun place to learn and play with other families.

Colgate Cottage - A purpose built facility in the grounds of Blyth West Children's Centre to accommodate small groups /families of disabled children. It has a sensory garden and a range of toys, and can be booked for appointments or just time to relax as a family.

Parents Forum
These sessions offer peer support and a training element for any parents who would like to get more involved in decision making or becoming a parent representative, or potentially a volunteer.

In It Together
‘In It Together' is a group of parents and carers of children and young people with a wide range of disabilities and special needs. They come together regularly to informally express their views and opinions on the type of services that families in Northumberland need. In It Together works closely with service providers to develop and maintain accessible, high quality services for all children and young people with additional needs and disabilities, working towards a positive future for all.


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