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Child Safety

Safety Tips
In an Emergency

Keep contact details beside the house phone or store in the phones internal directory.If your child is unconscious, fitting, being sick, feeling very sleepy or has burning to their mouth - DIAL 999 immediately for an ambulance to take them to A&E.

If you suspect your child has swallowed something poisonous there are 3 main things to remember:

· DO NOT try to make the child sick or give them anything to eat or drink, just wet their lips with cold water if they are burning.

· Get medical advice / help immediately. Ring your GP, 111 or A&E at your local hospital.

· Take the package, bottle with you to the GP or hospital.

DirectGov gives advice on child safety in the home including poisoning: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20121015000000/http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Parents/Yourchildshealthandsafety/Yourchildssafetyinthehome/index.htm




Watch the notice board in your local Children's Centre or check out the latest 'What's On' for details of accident prevention events.

We run regular courses on baby and child first aid. Ring your centre or ask at reception for future dates.  

Our safety theme at the moment is Burns with Hair straighteners.

Please see below for some useful advice and information:  


Safety Equipment now available in your local Children's Centre - cost price and VAT free!!

Safety Harness & Reins - £3.59

Cupboard & Drawer Locks (6pk) - £1.09

Drawcord Shortener - £0.99

Hair Straightener Heat Resistance Mat/ Pouch - £3.30

Window Lock - £1.19

Door Stopper - £0.99

Wrist Link - £2.35

Speak to your Health Visitor or call into your local Children's Centre to complete the form and hand in the cash payment. 

Trading Standards

For details of the latest product recalls, please visit:






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